Church Renovation Updates

Thank you to everyone who gave up their Memorial Day to help with the removal of the church interior. We did it in record time! This is St. Rose after the demolition and what a great job everyone did. The contractor will be moving equipment in on June 3 and starting the new St. Rose!  On Thursday June 6th  the contractor will be removing the ceiling tiles.  If anyone is available we could use the help of volunteers to carry the debris out to the dumpster. This will help us save some on the labor.  More pictures and info to come weekly to keep everyone informed.  Again thank you to all the volunteers young and old and to all those who brought food.  You really do make a difference!

Week 2 of the renovation project is well under way. Tuesday all of the ceiling tile and insulation came down and hauled to the dumpster. The Bohannan’s will finish the week cleaning up the trim preparing for working on the wiring next week. There’s always surprises when you open up walls of a building this old. In the upper right corner of the altar outline, we found the name Richard St Cloud Rose, Rushville, Ill., Aug 21, 1899 written of the wall.

Week 3 of the renovation project is almost over with more visual changes evident. The framing for the side rooms is nearing completion giving one a good idea of how it will look when the renovation is completed. They will be running new wiring for church lights, ceiling fans, outlets, etc. next week as well as starting the rough framing for the rose window. Lighting wasn’t the best in the past, as evident in one of the pictures. Probably just a 100w bulb at best! Lots of patching needing to be done in the ceiling and walls as well.

With week 4 of the renovation project nearly complete, a lot has been accomplished but most of it is not a visual change. Wiring is done under the church floor and the overhead wiring almost complete. Its evident by the pictures that the working conditions weren’t the best!  Temporary lighting is on in the side rooms, plumbing has been installed for the new sacrarcium as well as the heat/AC ducts for the altar and room additions. The lectern is also getting a make over to match the altar.

Week #5 is nearly over with the opening for the rose window cut in and ready of the frame work. Jacksonville Stained Glass will be here next week to measure and get it ordered. Ceiling preparation has begun and should be completed by the end of this week. While they are prepping the ceiling they will add the boxes  for the permanent lights and ceiling fans. The drywall will be delivered next week and they may be able to start hanging it. Things are coming together quickly and they could possibly beat their 10 week projection for the project.

Probably the most noticeable change in week #6 is the ceiling. It has been primed and painted white and looks great! Such an improvement over the old dropped ceiling. Drywall was delivered today and they will start hanging it on the back wall this week.  It should take two to three days to finish the drywall. To date, everything is on schedule.

Week #7 has brought several more improvements, visible and invisible. The lectern makeover was finished to match the altar. It was built in the 1950’s by Ralph Blaesing and refurbished in 2019 by his son Mike. The insulation contractor started Monday with sealing the crawl space area under the church and will begin insulating the side walls of the church next week. They should be finished by the middle of next week. Drywall will completed as soon as the sound system people finish their rough in wiring.

We’re nearing the end of Week #8 with some changes visible but a lot not so evident. The temporary lights are up and the ceiling fans are up and running. The millwork has been added for the statues and the drywall has been hung in the altar area. The not so evident is all the patching that’s taking place on the old plaster and lath walls. Lots of cracks and loose plaster. The contractor should be able to start priming the walls by the first of the week. Also the insulation contractor has begun blowing in the insulation and they should have it all done by next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Week #9 and still patching the plaster walls. Lots of cracks and loose plaster to deal with. They are doing an exceptional job. The side rooms are nearly done and ready for paint. Colors are still being decided but the base paint has been ordered and will be here when the walls are ready for the first coat of the new paint color. While insulating the crawl space some treasures were found! Unfortunately nothing of value but still some interesting finds. The insulation contractor as of Tuesday is 90% done.

With week #10 almost over, it should be the last of the patching and sanding. It was a long process but well worth it in the end. They may begin priming the walls Friday but for sure on Monday. The paint colors have been finalized. Once all the painting is done, things should come together quickly. The church has entered into an agreement with Jacksonville Stained Glass to build the Rose window. The frame and thermopane window should be installed in the next 2 or 3 weeks. The Rose window itself will take 2 to 3 months to build.

Week #11 is almost over and all the patching and priming is finally done. The side rooms have been painted with the finish color and are ready for the carpet squares. They will start the finish color in the church on Friday and should finish on Monday. The next project is the ceiling above the altar. The tongue and grove lumber will be here next week and they should have it done by the end of the week. The church carpet is scheduled to be installed on August 19th.

With week #12 almost over we can begin to see how beautiful the church will be when its done. The new ceiling lights are up and the window trim is finished as well. The carpet installation had to be reschuled for September 9th  due to all the drywall work. Unfortunately it took longer than expected to get the 150 year old walls to look great! Jacksonville Stained Glass has the templet for the Rose Window and they have started putting it together.

Week # 13 is almost over and things are starting to come together. The track lighting is done, the trim has been painted and all the doors have been hung. We’ve starting moving some of the furniture in and beginning to get the altar ready to set into place. They should finish in a couple of weeks except for the carpet. It is scheduled to be installed beginning September 9th.

Week #14 is almost over and the ceiling is beginning to come together. Lots of sanding and staining before it could be hung. The ceiling is requiring lots of leveling and cleaning so its taking a while to get it hung. They should have all of it up by the end of the week but probably not varnished. Also, there will be trim boards added before they finish. We have a new wooden container for the holy oils that was donated to St Rose by Rex Andrews. Its hung inside the room on the east of the altar.

Week #15 is almost over and the end is in sight!! The ceiling above the altar is done and the scaffolding has been removed. The Bohanan’s will finish the week leveling the floor and nailing down the cement board in the altar area. They will start laying the tile next week. The carpet is scheduled to be installed starting September 9th. Also, Jacksonville Stained Glass is scheduled to install the Rose window frame and thermopane next week.

Week #16 has brought on several major changes in the looks of St Rose. The altar was moved into the church and is ready to be set when the platform area is completed. We were short of floor tile and had to order more which will be in next week. The thermopane was delayed a week due to problems with the frame work. They are supposed to install it early next week. The pews will be in by the end of the week and ready for church service. The stations of the cross are also up.

Week #17 is almost over and the end is in sight! The altar platform is done and ready for tile. Once it’s done there’s just a few trim boards left to install. The altar should be ready to set in place either Monday or Tuesday of next week. After this work is completed we’ll be back in St Rose for our first mass with the new makeover! And it is “BEAUTIFUL”!!

Week #18 is here and we are done! The first mass in the newly renovated St Rose will be held Saturday, September 28th at 5:oopm. What a wonderful journey it has been.  A big “Thank You” to everyone for making this journey possible. Your kindness and generosity has made it all possible. Jim Kerr

“Lord, you have entrusted this sacred space to our care. Through the intercession of the Holy Family, bless our efforts to sacrifice and restore your sanctuary.” Amen

Before Renovation 2019
After Renovation 2019
After Renovation 2019

On February 10, 2020, the stained glass window was installed over the altar. This is a beautiful addition to our worship space.